About Us

Outside the Winston Kingdom


Since 2005 the Winston Hotel and Nightclub has been a proud part of the St Christopher’s Inns chain of hostels, hotels and apartments – across Europe. You can find St Christopher’s Inns - in London, Edinburgh, Bath, Brighton, Newquay, Paris, Berlin, Bruges and of course – Amsterdam!

Location in Amsterdam

You donÂ’t have to worry about public transport when you stay at The Winston. You are surrounded by pubs, restaurants and cafes, the Canal Cruises launch from just around the corner and a whole host of museums are just a few minutes walk away.

Also close by is Dam Square - a great place to get your bearings and find your way to Madame TussardÂ’s Wax Museum, the Royal Palace, the Niewe Kerk and those quirky little side streets loaded with market stalls, coffee shops and trippy - hippie shops. Or you can just stroll to the World War Two monument in Dam Square, take a seat and watch the world pass you by.

Winston Club

Winston Kingdom is an underground club with a long history.

Started off as the hotel bar of the famous art hotel Winston and hang-out to Amsterdam’s artists, musicians, poets and assorted drinkers in the mid-eighties, the bar has grown into a popular nightclub and live music venue.

Winston Kingdom is an underground club open every Friday & Saturday.

Next to that crazy student parties, skate and snowboard events, band competitions and other special events take place and make the Winston Kingdom one of Amsterdam’s finest dives.